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Glen Helen Trail Map


Totaling over 20 miles, the trails in Glen Helen pass through a variety of natural ecosystems of southwest Ohio.  Trails are predominately natural packed earth and may become muddy in certain seasons.  While we make every effort to keep trails clear from obstructions, please know that the preserve is maintained as naturally as possible and when not problematic, dead trees are left to replenish the soil for future plants.


When planning your hike, take note of the contour lines: The closer the spacing, the more rapid the change in elevation. For a leisurely stroll, choose trails that cross a low number of contour lines. For a high-intensity hike, look for a concentration of contour lines in a single area. Due to our topography, all hikes at Glen Helen are considered moderate intensity. 

Glen Helen Trail Map

While enjoying the Glen, please remember the following to protect this special place:

Stay on trails

No swimming, fishing or wading

Keep dogs leashed and clean up waste

No biking

No picking or collecting

No smoking, alcohol or firearms

Open sunrise to sunset

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