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Glen Helen Raptor Center Educational Programs

Raptor Education Programs:


There is no better way to generate excitement and learning than having live birds of prey as part of a program! Through its education efforts, the Center reaches thousands of people each year, who gain a greater understanding, appreciation, and concern for raptors and other wildlife. Presentations address special adaptations of birds of prey, general wildlife needs, the human impact on wildlife, and how we can help.

Program Themes

Raptor Center programs are highly adaptable to meet the needs of your group.  Some of the standard programs are:


Hunters of the Sky:  (suggested 10yrs-adult) Have you ever looked up to the sky and wondered what birds you saw zooming overhead?  In this program, learn about three types of Ohio native raptors, and meet live educational ambassadors from the Glen Helen Raptor Center up close.  


Only Owls:  (suggested 5yrs-adult) What is that bird hooting in the night?  In this program, meet three Ohio native owls from the Glen Helen Raptor Center and discover their unique adaptations that make them masters of the night.  


Jr. Raptor Readers:  (suggested 2-10yrs)  Whoooo is that owl?  Why do birds have feathers?  Meet two live raptors from the Glen Helen Raptor Center, and listen to a story and sing a song about owls you may find in your very own backyard during this fun filled program for our youngest learners.

Threatened and Endangered:  (suggested 10yrs-adult)  What challenges do raptors face in the wild and what strategies do they use to overcome them?  How are people playing a role in species recovery?  Meet three raptors and learn how they adapt to an ever changing environment.

Scout Programs:  Looking to fulfill requirements for a badge?  We can tailor a program specifically for your group!

Booth Programs:  Looking for educational raptors at your festival or event?  Contact us to see if we would be a good match!

Animal Encounters: Looking for something more intimate? Schedule a 30-minute up close animal encounter and meet two ambassadors face to face while you learn about their background and participate in a training session. This experience is for 10 years and older only and a maximum of 6 individuals. In order to keep participants and animals safe, program participants will not come in direct contact with the birds. $200/group, max 6 people. 


Program Specifics

Programs can be held here at the Raptor Center, or at your location.  Programs at the Raptor Center are held outdoors, and may be weather dependent.  Programs are generally up to an hour in length, and can be adjusted to fit your group's specific needs.  Program fees vary depending on your specific needs and location.  Contact us for more details.

Education Program Birds

Permanent resident birds, known as Animal Ambassadors, are unable to survive in the wild. They are cared for and trained by our staff to support education initiatives and encourage a public understanding of birds of prey.  All birds kept for use in education programs are considered unable to survive in the wild. As such, they are integrated into our programming as an educational ambassador or as permanent residents of the facility. 

Scheduling a Program

Scheduled, programs offer a fun and personalized learning opportunity for your group to enjoy.  Groups of more than 10 individuals are asked to schedule their visit to the Raptor Center in order to provide the best experience for you and the birds.  Parking at the Raptor Center is very limited.  Therefore, we request that should you decide to go for a hike after visiting the Raptor Center, please move your car to the main Glen Helen parking lot on Corry Street. 

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or call: 937-767-6656

When requesting a scheduled program, please include preferred program dates and times, the number of visitors in your group, onsite or offsite preferences, and your preferred theme/topic, as well as contact information. 


We look forward to seeing you at the Glen Helen Raptor Center!

Schedule an event with the Glen Helen Raptor Center
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