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Make it Count for the Birds 2024


Take part in Glen Helen's biggest preservation fundraiser of the year!


Saturday, May 4th, 2023



Our annual birdwatching marathon, with free hikes scheduled throughout the day. Join us as we raise funds in support of Glen Helen land restoration activities, and discover how many bird species can be found in the Glen in one 24-hour period! You can “Make it Count for the Birds” from the comfort of your home by offering a per-species or lump-sum donation. Contact for more info.


5:30 am: Dawn Chorus along the Little Miami: Greet the dawn and hear the forest awaken with song. MEETING SPOT: Grinnell Mill, 3536 Bryan Park Rd.

8:30 am: Woodland Bird Walk: We expect fifty species or more on this two-hour hike. MEETING SPOT: Trailside Museum.

8:30 am: Pine Forest Walk: Migratory songbirds, with occasional sightings of unusual finds like the colorful pine warbler. MEETING SPOT: Horace Mann Meadow, Bryan Park Rd., just south of John Bryan St Park entrance.

12 pm: Tally Rally: Birders share what they’ve found (and what they’ve missed).  LOCATION: Trailside Museum.

12:30 pm: The Homestead Walk: The sparsely visited area of the South Glen is home to a recently restored wetland. MEETING SPOT: The far end of West Jacoby Rd. (Access from Rt. 68)

12:30 pm: South Glen Wetlands: The slope wetlands and cattail marsh of the South Glen present a wholly different habitat than that of the North Glen. MEETING SPOT: Greene County Boat Launch at the end of East Jacoby Rd. (Access from Clifton Rd.)

3:30 pm: Prairie and River Walk: We’ll walk through the South Glen along the Little Miami. Expect orioles, finches, swallows, and warblers. MEETING SPOT: The Little Miami Bridge on Grinnell Rd.

7 pm: Evening Tally Rally: Join our birders for the evening species count. LOCATION: Trailside Museum.

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