Sponsor a Glen Helen Raptor

Funding for the Glen Helen Raptor Center is provided through visitor donations, raptor sponsorships and program fees.  We are not financially supported by State or Federal funds therefore we depend on your support to continue our important work.
When you sponsor one of our resident raptors, you not only help us provide ongoing care for our educational ambassadors, but you also help provide specialized care needed by sick, injured or orphaned birds undergoing care in our rehabilitation facility. 
Sponsorship levels:

$50 “Rehab Hero” – Sponsor a bird currently in the rehab center.  Provide lifesaving medication and food to play a vital role in the recovery of a bird currently undergoing treatment in the center.  You will receive an email with a description and picture of a bird benefiting from your generosity. 


$100 “Bird Buddy” – This is the entry sponsorship level good for one year and will provide food, housing, and medical care for one member of our educational ambassador raptor team.  Receive a certificate including a photo of your chosen bird in the mail and see your name listed on the bird’s enclosure. 


$300 “Feathered Friend” – In addition to the $100 level items, receive email photos and updates about your chosen bird four times during the yearlong sponsorship. 


$500 “Winged Warrior” – In addition to the $100 and $300 levels items, you and up to eight friends will receive a private tour of the Raptor Center and visit with your sponsored bird.


$1000 “Lifetime Sponsor” – This sponsorship will last for the lifetime of your chosen bird and included all above levels as well as a metal plaque placed on the bird’s enclosure indicating your lifetime support. 


$1500 “Raptor Rescuer” – In addition to a Lifetime Sponsorship, you and up to eight friends will be invited to participate in a private raptor release.  Time and location of the release will depend on the availability and needs of the raptors currently in rehabilitation.

Sponsor a Raptor, for yourself or as a unique gift for someone special!