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Flora & Fauna Observations at Glen Helen

Photo by James Stewart

Flora & Fauna Observations at Glen Helen

Join us in an exciting inventory of animals, birds, wildflowers,

insects, trees, and organisams found at Glen Helen Nature Preserve!

Learn more about the flora and fauna that share more than 1000 acres of preserved land at the Glen by participating in one or more of our iNaturalist biodiversity projects.

Don’t forget to bring your camera or mobile device and a sense of adventure! Our iNaturalist projects draw together observations of flora and fauna observed by visitors within the borders of Glen Helen. Please note that sound may be included with your photo or you may list a sound clip (animal/insect sounds) only.


Help document findings within Glen Helen, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit or download the free iNaturalist app to your mobile divice. Create an account.

  2. From the web, click on Projects to select one or more Glen Helen observation projects. From your mobile, click Near Byto locate our projects while visiting the Glen.

  3. Click on an individual project to join it, then upload your photos/sounds

  4. To include sound, see SoundCloud directions below


All observations must take place from designated trails within the bounds of Glen Helen.

Please do not deviate from from the trail for any reason; leaving the trail puts hikers at a high risk of injury and increases damage to the preserve.


The Glen Helen Nature Shop offers field guides to help you identify animals commonly found at the preserve. We encourage involvement by all visitors to Glen Helen, child through adult, experienced scientists to citizen scientists, all are welcome to take part! The ability to identify your findings is not necessary. National Geographic scientists will identify all project findings. Please help us to inventory, identify, and document as many species as possible, doing so helps us to properly protect our delicate biodiversity. As a participant, you help us protect the flora and fauna of the Glen!


SoundCloud Information: You can now document observations by recording sounds. Currently, you have to upload your recording to SoundCloud, and then add the recording to the observation on iNaturalist. Please follow these steps when adding a sound to an observation:

  1. Sign up for a SoundCloud account at

  2. Link your iNaturalist account to SoundCloud: There is a link to connect to SoundCloud under Your Profile,  Edit your profile. If you are not linked to SoundCloud, you will be prompted to link to SoundCloud when you add a sound observation to your iNaturalist account.

  3. Record a sound in the field.

  4. Add an observation with location and date (preferably also with time). Click on “Add sounds” in the upper right hand corner.

  5. You should see a list of your sounds on SoundCloud. Click on the box next to your sound recording, and then “Save observation” at the bottom of the page.

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