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Glen Helen Atrium Gallery 

The Atrium Gallery in the Vernet Building | Glen Helen

The Glen Helen Nature Preserve's woodlands, streams, cliffs, and meadows provide inspiration for legions of artists. The Glen also provides opportunities for artists to display their work in the Atrium Gallery. In order to protect the Glen for present and future visitors we request that artists follow the same rules and guidelinesas the rest of our visitors including staying on the trail and out of the water at all times.


The Glen Helen Atrium Gallery exhibits contemporary art by local and regional artists. 



The Atrium Gallery
The Atrium Gallery


Atrium Gallery Exhibitions are open daily throughout the year, Monday through Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm, Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 4pm. Located in the Vernet Building, Atrium, at 405 Corry Street and hosted by dedicated volunteers, the lovely limestone and yellow pine Atrium is adjacent to the Nature Shop; gallery sales are managed through the Nature Shop. Purchases from gallery shows benefit both the artist and Glen Helen. Please visit our calendar for Artist Reception information. 

Opportunities for Artists & Photographers


We enjoy hearing from artists who are interested in helping us promote our programs and beautify our spaces. This could include a mural in our visitor center or creating something that we may sell in our Nature Shop, which provides an important source of revenue for Glen Helen. Ongoing opportunities for artists include solo or group shows in the Atrium Gallery and participating in the Glen Helen Calendar Photography contest. 


Solo/Group Exhibitions:  Photographers, Artists, Independent Curators, & and Arts Organizations may submit works for consideration in the exhibition space. All works must highlight an aspect of Glen Helen Nature Preserve.  Please contact Ann Simonson for details.

The Atrium Gallery Presents:

Through the Lens:  

Glen Helen as seen by photographers

Scott Stolsenberg & Talitha Greene

Through November 2015

Exhibition Information | Glen Helen Atrium Gallery
Exhibition Information

For Glen Helen Atrium Gallery and exhibition information, please contact Ann Simsonson or call 937.769.1902 


Thank you.

Glen Helen
Calendar Photo Contest

Have your photo published in the

2018 Glen Helen Wall Calendar!


We invite photographers of all skill levels to enter our annual Digital Photo Contest for a chance to showcase your photo in our calendar. 


We are looking for striking digital images to celebrate the beauty found within the Glen. Your images should highlight the diversity of life on Earth, including portraits of wildlife in their natural habitat, animal behavior, plant life, weather, and seasons. We are seeking high quality, horizontal images for the calendar. Photos of people are not accepted.

Glen Helen Calendar Photo Constest
Upcoming Exhibition

To Be Announced

Exhibit September - November

Upcoming Exhibitions
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