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Raptor Center Internship

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

The Glen Helen Raptor Center internship is a year-long intensive learning opportunity that provides training in raptor rehabilitation, education, and husbandry.  Interns live in provided onsite housing and receive a stipend every two weeks.  

Work with a variety of species

Valentine owl booth

Conduct visitor education in our onsite classroom

Attend continuing education workshops

Rehab barn owl

Provide hands on rehabilitation care

Learn from a variety of wildlife and medical partners

Freedom to develop individual projects

Make a difference to local wildlife

Taking applications for July 2024 start date.

The Raptor Center is proud of the interns who have walked through our doors.  We make learning a priority throughout the internship experience and love to see where our interns go after leaving the Glen.


Jessica R.


"I have worked in this field for over 15 years, and the Glen Helen Raptor Center is still my favorite place to have ever worked! I was given opportunities to attend conferences and continually refine my skills as a handler, rehabilitator, trainer, and educator. My experiences gave me an edge in getting jobs at facilities including the World Bird Sanctuary, Grey Snow Eagle House, and Avian Behavior International, plus a variety of environmental education centers. I highly recommend this internship for anyone wanting to learn more about raptor behavior and natural history, rehabilitation, training, raptor care and management, contemporary animal welfare practices, or conservation education!"

Tate B.


"Being a Raptor Center intern directly helped me get into grad school, which directly helped me get to where I am today.  Glen Helen Raptor Center is where I did my first deep dive into raptor ecology and if I close my eyes I can still see the birds.  I made no money while I was there, but what I gained was worth more."

Nicole K.


"Some of my favorite memories from my time at the Glen Helen Raptor Center were when I was teaching educational programs.  I will hold that with me forever.  Education is the key to conservation.  It was an honor and a joy to be a part of an organization that not only helps injured wildlife but also helps to educate the public about  protecting our wild feathered friends."

Treyton J.


"My year at the Glen offered me many learning opportunities that I still feel very lucky to have had - working closely with licensed falconers and wildlife veterinarians, handling protected species, teaching people about the nature in their backyard, providing photography for releases, attending wildlife conferences, monitoring avian influenza cases, and assisting in the training of educational ambassadors are just a few highlights. I truly don't think I could recommend working at the raptor center enough for somebody passionate about conservation and education, it is by far the position I've most enjoyed and gained the most from since finishing school. "

Former Intern Testimonials:

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