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Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center Staff

Sarah Cline, Director

I came to Glen Helen in 2016 as a Naturalist for the Outdoor School season.  During my internship I fell in love with the Glen, the work I took part in at the Outdoor Education Center, and the community that it created.  I chose to stay on in several capacities over the last few years, and this past August took on the position of Director. 


I started working in the field of environmental education as a university research assistant, where I evaluated the efficacy of a variety of outdoor, science-based educational practices. This work cemented my belief in the importance of science, critical thinking, and hands-on experience for young learners.  I have also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin, West Africa.  During this time, I was challenged in ways I never expected and returned home with a profoundly ameliorated understanding of the importance of community, joy, and play.


As a child, I spent most of my free time outside: hiking, building forts, climbing trees, and getting as dirty as possible.  However, I have come to appreciate that many are not so fortunate to have those same childhood experiences.  In order to share these joys I so fondly remember, I endeavor to maintain a space for young people to be awed by nature, where they can simultaneously learn through intentional, compelling, and experiential science lessons.

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