Photo by Stephanie Falzone

Naming Opportunities

In gratitude to the generous supporters of the Secure the Future of Glen Helen Campaign, the Glen Helen Association has developed opportunities and benefits for donor recognition. 


$1M: Name a Trail (3)

$100,000 each: Name a Bridge (2)

$1,000: Name inscribed on a Boardwalk

Outdoor Education Center Lodge

$2M: Name the Building

$250,000: Name the Dining Room

$100,000: Name the Kitchen

$25,000: Name the Office

Outdoor Education Center Dormitory

$250,000: Name the Building

$50,000: Name the Main Gathering Room

$25,000: Name the Porch

$10,000 each: Name the Kid Rooms (2)

$5,000: Name the Chaperone Room

Outdoor Education Center Classrooms

$250,000: Name the Building

$50,000 each: Name the Main Gathering
Rooms (2)

$25,000 each: Name the Classrooms (4)

$10,000 each: Name the Deck/Ramp/Patio (2)

Naturalist Homes

$500,000 each: Name the Building (2)

$10,000 each: Gathering Room (3), Porch (2), Bedroom (14)

Trailside Museum

$500,000: Name the building

$50,000: Name the Fireplace Hearth Nook

Archimedes - Copy.jpg
Boardwalk Photo.jpg
Dormitory Front

Raptor Center*

$3M: Name the Raptor Center

$100,000: Name the Raptor Center Rehabilitation Facility

$25,000: Name the Raptor Center Classroom

$20,000 each: Name an Eagle (2) or Peregrine Falcon

$20,000: Name the Raptor Center Clinic

$10,000 each: Name a Great Horned Owl (2), Barred Owl (2), Barn Owl (2), Red Tailed Hawk (2), Rough Legged Hawk, Broad Winged Hawk, Cooper’s Hawk, or Mississippi Kite

$5,000 each: Name a Sharp Shinned Hawk, American Kestrel (2), Eastern Screech Owl (4), Northern Saw Whet Owl

$2.5k: Private bird release

*Birds are named as they arrive for rehabilitation


Vernet Ecological Center

$250,000: Name the Auditorium

$250,000 each: Name the Atrium (3)

$50,000: Conference Room

$50,000: Patio

$50,000: Library

$25,000 each: Offices (5)

$25,000 each: Breezeways (2)

Instructional Spaces

25,000 each: Name the Log Cabin, Ropes Course, Fire Circle