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What Glen Helen Naturalists Do After Their Time Here 

The following text is a thread from the Glen Helen Facebook alumni page and represents Naturalists' stories of their professional careers after they left here, and how their time at the Glen shaped them. 


JG: I work as a historical interpreter/naturalist at Cleveland Metroparks! Knowing what fun I had at the Glen helped me realize I wanted to be outside teaching again, and not stuck indoors at a museum. It also helped me get my job--not many trained historians can also identify salamanders and wildflowers :)

*as she types as she sits in her office, sipping out of a Glen Helen mug while staring at a framed picture of the Yellow Springs* 😆


C.M.: I've been at a desk job since the Glen, but I use my "teacher" skills when working with kids in volunteer/church situations! ❤️

J.F.G:I went on to teaching in the classroom to working at an environmental water testing lab to the Columbus Zoo to teaching again. I am now a stay at home mom but I will be heading back into the workplace in the next year. Everything I have done has been a direct result of my time at the Glen. My life changed during my time at Glen Helen and I am so thankful I was able to stay for so long, it helped me become the person I am today.…See More

D.S.: Worked for 8 years with ODNR CINCI NATURE CENTER CLERMONT CO PARKS. Now I am a revenue clerk.


B.B:  I'm a children's librarian right near Cleveland @JG! I do a ton of programming for kids (mostly younger than Glen kids) but about half of my programs are science-based, so my background had me set!


L.Z. :II teach Environmental Science to high school students. Glen Helen Naturalist 2003-2004


A.K.I have been in and out of teaching since my time in the Glen. I am currently a 6th grade literacy interventionist and gifted & talented specialist in a public middle school. I have been in GT education for a good deal of the 15+ years since my time at the OEC. My students have produced some incredible sustainable-garden creations and we have worked on invasive plant species investigation/eradication for the State of Maine. Hugh Taylor Birch changed my life forever. OEC Naturalist 2003, OEC Program Coordinator 2003, EcoCamp Coordinator 2004.


J.B.:Holy moley Lynn and Adam, 15 years?! I gardened and taught at a high school but now work inside as a director of sustainability at a university. Couldn't have done it without my Glen admin experiences!


J.M.:I worked in a private School in Southern Brazil where we started an eco camp Program, then I moved to another State where we created an outdoor Education Center in a private Nature reserve. Joan came to evaluate our Program. In 2009 I moved to another institution where I've been working on the creation of a private Nature reserve from scratch. Always on EE, Full of great Challenges! Hugs for y-all!! 2003 naturalist.


L.V.: Curator at a natural history museum. I oversee a collection of about 400 live animals. I'm also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and falconer.


K.L: I am still an Outdoor Educator, who has dabbled with Permaculture and food systems. I'm still connected to some of my fellow Glenlings :) (Nat 2011-12, Program Coordinator 2012-13)


J.S.: It is so cool seeing what everyone is doing! Thanks for posing the question, Ian! I’m about to finish grad school for School Counseling and fully intend on incorporating many practices I learned at the Glen into my position as a counselor! (Nat 2011-12, Ecocamp co-co 2012


C.D.:Grand Canyon National Park ranger :)


S.A.: Me too [Grand Canyon Park Ranger]! Woah, I didn’t know there was another glen alum here!


C.L.: ER veterinarian. I get my patients through their crises and release them back to their family veterinarians. I use the teaching skills with students who come through and my time at the Glen makes my occasional public speaking much easier. The Glen played a huge role in how I see and interact with the world, too!

Naturalist and then Raptor Center Admin 1997-1998.

C.C.: I’m a Pediatric ICU nurse. Working environmental education (and the desk job I did after) made me realize I prefer active jobs that make a difference. Toss in some kids and some science and I’m good. My kids these days are a little less active than my Glen Hellions though.


D.N.L Currently employed as Environmental Educator for the Town of Fort Myers Beach at a small museum called the Mound House.


C.L: I am starting a position as an Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences at Louisiana State University this fall. I study stress in wildlife, and my time working with the raptors at Glen Helen was a big part of what initially got me interested in this question!


S.A.:  I teach environmental education for Grand Canyon National Park. Currently I’m working on a project to build a summer camp here and I hope to someday grow that into a school camp program similar to Glen Helen where students come for a multi-day field trip and are immersed in the place! Naturalist 2014

J.W.: Program coordinator at Wood County Parks in NW Ohio. I had always wanted to be a naturalist from a young age, but this confirmed I was on the right track and gave me some valuable experience working with kids. Naturalist '07.


R.B.B. In 1990 I helped start an Outdoor Education Program in Hillsdale Michigan and I very happy to report that it is still going strong!

D. B.: I just saw this string. Interesting to see all the different paths. I'm a social scientist now (faculty of Marine Affairs at U of Rhode Island). After leaving the Glen 26 years ago (!), I worked as a zoo educator for a few years and then as a public participation facilitator (mostly on environmental cleanup projects).


S,B.:Love the string. I was a naturalist I think in ‘96, then returned in 2000 as Acting Asst Director. Since (in order) - Paramedic, Tribal AmeriCorps Director, Flight Paramedic, Geriatric Physician Assistant. The Glen was magical for me in both positions. I find I tell stories about the kids and the staff regularly!

V.C.:Originally from Argentina, I was a naturalist in 96, same time as SB 😉. I then came to Europe to work for the RSPB in a reserve in Norfolk that had hen harriers, also worked at the WWF biological station in Haringsee, Austria with the bearded vulture reintroduction programme, then settled in Oxford, England where I did a Masters degree in Environmental Assessment and Management, and worked in consultancy, policy, development, agriculture and more. Not many wildlife reserves here, nor wild places..I did a wildlife school project at my son's; volunteered as Eco School assessor; and in developing educational materials for RSPB...also did a BBC Natural history documentary production work experience, and developed Env Mgt System for Earthwatch. My time at the Glen was made fab by my colleagues, many became friends. What I cherished most was teaching (and learning from) kids, their transformation in a week, doing living history and the trails. DB, Mike, Elizabeth, Riko, Alison, Steph and...a couple more, hope you are well guys! 

A.M.:  Just came back around to this post to find many new comments. So inspiring you guys! I'm overwhelmed with joy to see many of the Nats from my years at the oec reaching their dreams and beyond! Guys! I'm still running programs, but I get to teach still too! Living in my hometown and working for the Flint River Watershed Coalition. Living and loving life with my whole heart.

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