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Outdoor Education Center Extension Programs

Outdoor Education Extension Programs

Glen Helen Extension Programs are tailored to meet the needs of schools, scouts, and other organizations looking for an authentic learning opportunity. We utilize hands-on experience and small group sizes to engage students in the natural environment. Programs cover a range of Ohio Academic Content Standards, and can be scheduled as a single event or part of a curricular series.  When scheduling, please indicate specific program requests or content standards your group would like to meet. Onsite programs have a minimum charge of $50, and offsite programs have a minimum charge of $70. For detailed information on pricing or to schedule a program, contact our Extension Naturalist or call 937-767-7648.

Extension Programs operate during the school year only.  For summer programs, contact the Raptor Center.

Amazing Animals

Participants discover adaptations, habitats, survival methods, and environmental needs of Ohio’s animals.  Participants have the opportunity to look, listen, and feel their way through the animal kingdom and will get to meet a live animal ambassador.

What's for Lunch?

Designed for younger students, this program encourages the exploration of living things and their diets through interactive songs and stories.  Students will explore what carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores may eat, and will even have the opportunity to meet a live animal ambassador.

All organisms have a place in the ecosystem, including humans. Participants use critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity to learn about conservation, and make their own conservation action pledges.

Rock and Roll

Participants discover the geological forces that shaped Glen Helen while exploring the rock cycle and learning how rocks and fossils are formed.  For an additional supply fee of $5.00 per program, participants will make their own plaster fossil casting to take home.

Wild Worms

Students will assist in the creation of a classroom vermiculture bin, while learning about the life cycles of everyone's favorite squiggly decomposer- the worm!  Younger students will listen to  a story about a wiggling worm and investigate a worm with a hand lense.  Older students have the opportunity to investigate a worm's reaction to stimuli. 

Nocturnal Experience (Onsite Only)

Hikers learn about nocturnal animals and the specialized adaptations they use to prowl in the dark.  They will look for owls and listen to the crickets.  One chaperone for every five students on nocturnal hikes please.



Trees! Trees! Trees!


Participants discover how trees grow, how to identify species, and some fascinating facts about a tree’s role in the forest ecosystem. A hike to the pine forest may be included for fourth grade and up.



Stream Study (Onsite Only, Warm Months)


Participants engage in an inquiry-driven lesson while learning about the water cycle and watersheds.  Using the scientific method, participants devise and conduct an investigation into the health of a stream, searching and categorizing macroinvertebrates.



Seasons of Change


Participants take a close look at the varied ecological and physical changes that occur throughout the seasons and the unique adaptations plants and animals have employed.  Live animal ambassadors are included at each visit. This is a four-part program conducted over one school year.

Pre or Post Outdoor School Program

If your class is visiting Glen Helen for residential Outdoor School, consider scheduling a classroom program as a pre- or post-trip visit. Programs feature content that your participants are exposed to during Outdoor School, and help further develop concepts all at a special discounted rate.

Information for Scout Leaders


Is your Scout troop working towards a specific goal?  Let the Outdoor Education Center help! Our trained naturalists will work with you to meet your requirements.  Contact the Extension Naturalist for more information.

Example Scout Programs


Girl Scout Programs

  • Brownies:  Bugs, Senses

  • Juniors:  Animal Habitats


Boy Scout Programs: click the link to download PDF adventure guides

Lion       Tigers      Wolf       Bear       



Environmental Problem Solving
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